Words of ?wisdom? from Captain Ron

Jeremy was kind enough to give me blogging privileges on this site a few weeks ago but I have been hesitant to write. I write like I talk, and once the stories start to flow...well, they flow downhill. :)

This morning we are bobbing on a mooring in Key West, and it is raining gently outside. It reminds me of my own adventures on the S/V Remedy, and the many times I have started my day with a cup of coffee and my journal, trying to express the feelings that are attached to this life.

I believe there is a sense of accomplishment attached to the liveaboard/cruising lifestyle that is difficult to find any other place in our world today. You live in a defined (and often confined) space, requiring self-sufficiency and an adherence to discipline and routine. The mistakes you make are often immediately rewarded with reminders of your humanity--pain, discomfort, loss. But the successes, even the little ones, are incredibly rewarding.

It has been my pleasure to watch these past few weeks as Jamie and Jeremy have experienced these feelings of accomplishment. More than once Jeremy has had to ask me to step away from a project so that he can do it himself, because he knows that soon he will be not only doing these things, but he will be teaching his partner and depending on her to do them as well. I have been quietly amazed at how Jamie has taken to certain tasks on board, in all conditions, without apparent concern or distress. The meals I have had here have been wonderful, and one of the few regrets of my visit is my complete failure with my own diet plans. :) Who knows if these two will someday join the ranks of legends like the Pardees and the Dashews, but they have certainly taken the first steps, and nothing but adventure awaits.

For those of you out there reading, I can tell you that they treasure your comments, and your support. This blog is a unique connection to the world 'they left behind', and quite different from the journals of the great sea captains of bygone days. As I see my own part in this adventure fast coming to a close, I know that I will look forward to following the posts on Jibnotes for some time to come.

Bill Spivey

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2 comments on Words of ?wisdom? from Captain Ron

  1. Dad's picture
    Mon, 03/23/2009 - 11:44

    As an interested and concerned parent,I also would like to thank you for all your efforts. I have long been aware of Jeremy's "Can do" attitude, and it has served him well. I remember when the transmission broke on his bus. Having absolutely NO understanding of mechanics, Jeremy talked with a local mechanic and went home and fixed his transmission.I know he has untapped abilities and unending patience, and you have been instrumental in helping him and Jamie tap into this new and wonderful world of sailing. Margaret and I will always be grateful to you. Many thanks

  2. Jamie
    Mon, 03/23/2009 - 06:51

    Thanks Bill, the help and education you have provided us on this adventure has been priceless. We also liked having you around.;)