Caribbean 1500

The Caribbean 1500 is probably the most expensive and exciting thing to occur on Miramar to date. We have made hundreds additions to our beloved boat that include things I didn't know even existed and a price tag I wish didn’t exist. I admit that I face the oncoming rally with a mixture of fear/unease and elation/bravado. IMG_0715.jpg Three years of sailing and living aboard has taught me that the perfect sailing days are glorious and the frightening ones are the ones that make you feel alive.

We have been in Hampton for a few days now, being one of the boats fortunate enough to arrive prior to Hurricane Sandy when the weather was still fair. Despite the drama and nicknames on TV Sandy has seemed no worse to us than storms we have experienced in the past and we have been quite safe in the hurricane hole that is Hampton, VA. IMG_0518.jpg Hurricanes, as horrible as they can be, have a short shelf life and Sandy shows no signs of delaying our November 4th start date. In fact, Sandy may have done us the great favor of the sucking the life out of the Atlantic. Thus, giving us a perfect, if not too mild, sailing experience.

One positive thing to come from our preparations is that Jeremy has really come into his own when it comes to the wiring of our boat. IMG_0509.jpg Recent additions have included new batteries, new charger, new electrical panel and several new 12 V outlets. Not to mention an array of electronics including: AIS transponder and transceiver, SSB, and a new VHF. Deltaville marine boat yard hands, especially Bruce, have done many electrical installations and helped instruct Jeremy in others. I have seen his confidence grow in bounds. Now if we only can get that kind of grip on the diesel engine. IMG_0510.jpg

Another wonderful aspect of the race is the nightly socials and daily seminars. We have long noted that sailors are really the cream of the crop in humanity and our socializing here has only confirmed that. Everyone we have met has been very friendly and helpful. photo-1.jpgWe are all in this thing together, but that does not mean that we are the least bit alike. As far as I can tell the participates of the Caribbean 1500 contain people of varying age, nationality, profession, and situation. We are now 4 days and counting until the start of the race. Stay tuned for the further adventures of the crew of the S/V Miramar.